I use a Kinesis Freestyle Edge RBG for my day to day work and coding. I’m using it with a fully extended lift kit to tent the keyboard by 15 degrees.

30 second delay after plugging in

I noticed that after plugging in my keyboard it was unresponsive for about 30 seconds and the LEDs where turned off. I reached out to their support, and their suggested fix worked:

  1. Backup your layout[1-9].txt file(s) in the layouts/ folder.
  2. Press [SmartSet+shift+ctrl+f] and wait a moment.
  3. Mount the V-Drive with [SmartSet+F8] and rename it back to FS EDGE RGB.
  4. Move the layout files from the backup back into the layouts/ folder.
  5. Eject the V-Drive and immediately dismount it with [SmartSet+F8].

manual programming

full instructions

  • Use (gear)+F8 to mount vdrive
  • Then edit the files below
  • Then eject and quickly press (gear)+F8 again


layouts/layout1.txt (mac layout)



lighting/led1.txt (white > blue)

fn [mono]>[0][0][255]